Since 1995, being involved in the manufacturing sector in the light of the experience gained in the field of logistics and the ability to solve the problems encountered. The company continues to produce for the purpose of manufacturing quality and products that conform to the EU norms with experienced staff, equipments and understanding of keeping the occupational health and safety at the forefront in Konutkent Alacaatlı Village, at truck parking lot located around quarry, a manufacturing workshop with a closed area of ​​5.000 m2 In addition to production, with Research and Development studies, we are always making better production plans. Our manufacturing group, which carries out all of its manufacturing with TSE approval, has the ability to produce many models and types of vehicles. The production group, which cares for the quality and reliability of the equipments used in the vehicles produced, use imported materials from abroad when necessary. It offers economical and useful solutions for developing its manufacturing with the advantage of analyzing the problems that are encountered in the field of transportation. The products manufactured till today under the name of Tent Semi Trailer, Truck Carrier, Maxi Tree, Car Carrier, double and triple, fivefold auto carriers, car spotters and various on-vehicle equipments are used by Agacli and other transportation companies. Our manufacturing group, which has completed the 17th year in the sector with the principle of "We do the best because we are the business of automotive transport" is continuing to work with the pride of developing the product range and offering the best to our customers by producing economical and reliable vehicles.

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